2014 Derby Cars

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Race Day 5-17-2014

The First Annual Green Box Derby was held on May 17, 2014 on Haynes Street behind the Sandusky County Fairgrounds.

Car being inspected and weighed.
Wheel repairs after test run.

As racers began to arrive, they reported to inspection to have their cars reviewed and weighed.  Youth cars had a weight limit of 300 lbs while Adult cars had a limit of 400 lbs.  After inspection, each racer was given the opportunity to take their car for a test run down the Haynes Street hill.  Repairs and adjustments were made as axles buckled and wheels departed on their way down the hill.  Fortunately, all of the drivers remained uninjured.

Medals milled by Century Die.
Medals milled by Century Die.

A short time later, the clouds gave way to sunshine and the First Annual Green Box Derby began!  Nine youth competed for a chance to win the First Place Prize: a $2500 Terra State Community College Scholarship.  Participants included: Jaymn Bartson, Michael Borjas, Katie Cleveland, Jordan DePew, Brandon Goble, Luke O’Brien, Noah Price, Aric Recker, and Noah Shriver.  Five adults competed in the Trophy-Only Race: Bill Bork, Skip Honsperger, Lee Klohn, Alex Poznanski, and Mike Goble.

Both races featured a triple elimination bracket, ensuring that each racer would be able to run at least three times.  Read More