2015 Green Box Derby Winnings

We are happy to announce the Winners of the 2nd Annual Green Box Derby 

It’s been a few days since the Green Box Derby and I wanted to take a couple minutes to reflect on the day and announce the winners. I will start by saying that if you built a car you came away with something, even if it was the knowledge that it isn’t as easy as it seems and all the participants should be proud of their creations. It was a very rewarding experience for anyone who participated, from the students to the adults and volunteers!  A lot of thought and hard work went into the cars and it showed; we had some very creative designs! Some recycled parts that stood out were: a TV antenna, a wheel chair and a wheel barrel.  Make sure you check out the pictures on Facebook and previous blog posts!

The weather looked like it was going to force us to postpone the day, but the clouds passed and it turned out to be a perfect day for a race. Here is the list of participants and their prizes:

1st Place $2500 Terra Scholarship

Noah Shriver – 7th grade Fremont Middle School

2nd Place $1000 Terra Scholarship

Michael Borjas – Sophomore Fremont Ross

$1000 Terra Scholarship

Gavin Wasserman – Senior Lakota High School

scholarship winners

Cedar Point Season Pass

CJ Gilbert – 7th grade Bellevue Middle School

Cedar Point Season Pass

Matthew Ley – 8th grade Timberstone Junior High, Sylvania

People’s Choice Award

Logan Mahler – 6th grade McPherson Middle School

Sandusky County Season Fair Passes Went to……

Jaymn Bartson – 7th grade Lakota Jr High.

Ivan Franks – Senior Fremont Ross

Caleb Hoskins – Junior at Vanguard Tech Center

Logan Mahler – 6th grade McPherson Middle School

Elizabeth Williams – Junior at Vanguard Tech Center


Adult racers were….

Skip Honsperger — Winner

Vanguard Tech Center – Sandy Koler — driver

Skip Honsperger
Skip Honsperger


VSCTC – Sandy Koler

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