46 Days Until the 3rd Annual Green Box Derby!

Are you registered for the Green Box Derby???  Click here to register!

The annual Green Box Derby is scheduled for Saturday May 21, 2015.  Registration is $25 – this covers a t-shirt, numerical sticker for your derby car, and a personalized pit row sign.  It also enters you to win Terra State Community College scholarships, Cedar Point Season Passes, and Sandusky County Fair Passes!  There is a limit of 50 participants – and all participants must be registered by May 1st.

Before you begin, be sure to read over our rules.  Car inspections will take place in April and May – this will provide an opportunity to fix any rule violations before Race Day.  Cars will be inspected for a final time on the morning of the race.  At that time, any cars that do not pass inspection will be disqualified and will not be permitted to participate in the race.

Let’s talk about BRAKES!  Brakes help your car stop safely.  In the 2014 race, we saw a lot of different brakes – some were safer than others!  A couple of cars had issues because their braking system caused them to lose control of the steering of their car – at times traveling directly in front of their opponent!!  Here is a great article to help you develop ideas for how to incorporate safe brakes into the design of your car.

Another important aspect in building a safe car is stability.  Check out this article for the “Golden Ratio”.  In the 2015 race, we noticed that some bumps in the road were causing cars to lose stability.  Sometimes the cars fell onto their sides.  Other cars flipped.  Fortunately, no one was injured!  Be sure to put some thought into wheels, brakes, and ratios – a safe car is the best car!

Once again – I strongly encourage those who are interested in participating in the Green Box Derby to register.  We are only accepting 50 registrations.  We have a lot more than 50 followers of this blog, so if everyone following is interested in participating….those who try to sign up late will not get a spot.

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